$50,000 - Diamond Level

Includes VIP Event Experience
Pathways Sponsor
Greens Sponsor
Reception Sponsor
Swag Bag Sponsor

$36,000 - Sapphire Level

Includes VIP Event Experience
Pin Flag Sponsor
Golf Lab Sponsor
Day-In-Action Photo Show

$25,000 - Platinum Level

Includes VIP Event Experience
Premium Giveaway Sold
Golf Ball Sponsor Reserved
Gift Sponsor
Golf Cart Sponsor Sold
Golf Caddy Sponsor Sold
Scotch Cart Sponsor 1
Scotch Cart Sponsor 2
VIP Cart Sponsor

$18,000 - Gold Level

Each sponsorship includes: 4 Golf and Dinner Reservations
BBQ Sponsor - Course
BBQ Sponsor - Terrace Sold
Grooming Experience Sponsor
Goodbye Treat Bag
Cigar Station/Cigars Sold
Refreshment Cart Sponsor Sold
Breakfast Sponsor
Locker Room Sponsor
Craft Beer Cart Sponsor
On-Course Tequila Tasting Sold
Stretching Station Sponsor
Hydration Sponsor

$10,000 - Silver Level

Each sponsorship includes: 3 Golf and Dinner Reservations
Custom Gloves Sponsor Sold
Terrace Walkway Sponsor Sold
Refreshment Stn 1 Sold
Refreshment Stn 2 Reserved
Giveaway Tees Sponsor Sold
Boozery Cart Sponsor
Putting Contest Sponsor
E Golf Score Sponsor
Tennis Sponsor Sold
Tennis Balls Sponsor Sold
Gatehouse Sponsor
Triple Tee Sponsor
Headshot Lounge Sponsor

$7,500 - Bronze Level

Each sponsorship includes: 2 Golf and Dinner Reservations
Chipping Green Sponsor Sold
Clubhouse Bar Sponsor Sold
Photography Sponsor
Charging Kiosk Sponsor
Putting Green Sponsor Sold
Hole 13 Sponsor Sold
Swag Merch Sponsor 1 Sold
Swag Merch Sponsor 2 Sold
Swag Sponsor 3 Reserved
Shotgun Start Sponsor

$5,000 - Masters Level

Each sponsorship includes:1 Golf and Dinner Reservation
Wine Tasting Sponsor Sold
Music - Cocktail Reception
Tee Sponsor- Hole 1 Sold
Tee Sponsor- Hole 2 Sold
Tee Sponsor- Hole 3
Tee Sponsor- Hole 4
Tee Sponsor- Hole 5
Tee Sponsor- Hole 6
Tee Sponsor- Hole 7
Tee Sponsor- Hole 8
Tee Sponsor- Hole 9
Tee Sponsor- Hole 10
Tee Sponsor- Hole 11
Tee Sponsor - Hole 12
Tee Sponsor - Hole 14
Tee Sponsor- Hole 15
Registration 1 Sponsor Sold
Registration 2 Sponsor Sold
Registration 3 Sponsor

$3,600 - Eagle Level

Each sponsorship includes:3 Tennis Players and Dinner Reservations
Cool Down Station Sold
Competition/LD/Pro Sponsor
Trophies CL/CP Sponsor
Trophies Net/Gross Sponsor
Driving Range 1 Sponsor
Driving Range 2 Sponsor
Competition/CL Sponsor
Competition/LD Sponsor
Mulligan Sponsor
Trophy LD Sponsor
Tennis Refreshment Sold
Pro Shop Sponsor
Racquet Demo Sponsor
Beverage Sponsor/ BBQ
Beverage Sponsor/ Welcome
Beverage Sponsor/ Tennis

$2,500 - Birdie Level

Each sponsorship includes: 2 Tennis Players and Dinner Reservations
Tennis Nets 1 of 6 Sold
Tennis Nets 2 of 6 Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 3 of 6
Tennis Nets Sponsor 4 of 6
Tennis Nets Sponsor 5 of 6
Tennis Nets Sponsor 6 of 6
Table on the Terrace Sponsor
Bag Drop Sponsor
Putting Contest Trophy Sold

$1,800 - Ace Level

Golf Not Included: Includes 1 Tennis Player
Golf Ball Washing Station
Tennis Trophy - 1st Place Sold
Tennis Trophy - 2nd Place
Lounge Area 1- Clubhouse Sold
Lounge Area 2 - Clubhouse Sold
Lounge Area 3 - Clubhouse
Lounge Area 4 - Clubhouse

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August 22, 2022