$50,000 - Diamond Level

Includes VIP Event Experience
Pathways Sponsor Sold
Greens Sponsor

$36,000 - Sapphire Level

Includes VIP Event Experience
Reception Sponsor Sold
Gift Sponsor
Swag Bag Sponsor Sold

$25,000 - Platinum Level

Includes VIP Event Experience
On-Site Printed Apparel Sold
Day-In-Action Photo Show Sold
Golf Lab Sponsor Sold

$18,000 - Gold Level

Each sponsorship includes: 4 Tennis and Reservations
Premium Giveaway Sold
Golf Cart Sponsor Sold
Golf Caddy Sponsor Sold
Golf Ball Sponsor Sold
Pin Flag Sponsor Sold
Scotch Cart Sponsor
VIP Cart Sponsor Sold
Cigar Station Sponsor Sold
Grooming Experience Sold

$10,000 - Silver Level

Each sponsorship includes: 3 Tennis and Dinner Reservations
Custom Glove Sponsor Sold
BBQ - Hole 4/15 Sold
BBQ Sponsor - Terrace Sold
Goodbye Treat Bag Sold
Breakfast Sponsor Sold
Tennis Sponsor Sold
Hydration Sponsor Sold
Craft Beer Cart Sponsor Sold
Refreshment Cart Sponsor Sold
Tequila Tasting Sold
Stretching Station Sponsor
Locker Room Sponsor Sold

$7,500 - Bronze Level

Each sponsorship includes: 2 Tennis Players and Dinner Reservations
Refreshment Station 1 Sold
Refreshment Station 2 Sold
Giveaway Tees Sponsor Sold
Tennis Balls Sponsor Sold
E-Golf Score Sponsor Sold
Boozery Cart Sponsor Sold
Putting Contest Sponsor Sold

Terrace Walkway Sponsor

$5,000 - Masters Level

Each sponsorship includes:1 Tennis Player and Dinner Reservation
Bridge Pathway 1 Sold
Bridge Pathway 2 Sold
Charging Kiosk Sponsor Sold
Welcome Sponsor
Triple Tee Sponsor Sold

Hole 13 Sponsor Sold
Shotgun Start Sponsor Sold
Photography Sponsor Sold
Putting Green Sponsor Sold
Merchandise - Cigar Cutter Sold Merchandise- Powerbank Sold
Merchandise- Towel Sold

$3,600 - Eagle Level

Each sponsorship includes:1 Tennis Player and Dinner Reservation
Competition/LD/Pro Sold
Registration 1 Sponsor Sold
Registration 2 Sponsor
Registration 3 Sponsor Sold
Event Bin Sponsor Sold
Mulligan Sponsor
Tee Sponsor - Hole 1 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 2 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 3 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 4 Sold

Tee Sponsor - Hole 5 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 6 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 7 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 8 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 9 Sold

Tee Sponsor - Hole 10 Sold

Tee Sponsor - Hole 11 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 12 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 14 Sold
Tee Sponsor - Hole 15 Sold

$2,500 - Birdie Level

Each sponsorship includes: 1 Tennis Player and Dinner Reservation
Music - Cocktail Reception Sold
Trophies Net/Gross Sold
Trophies CL/CP Sponsor Sold
Driving Range 1 Sponsor Sold
Driving Range 2 Sponsor Sold
Competition/CL Sponsor Sold
Competition/LD Sponsor Sold
Cool Down Station Sold
Wine Tasting Sponsor Sold
Yonex Racquet Demo Sold
Raffle Sponsor - MacBook Air
Raffle Sponsor - The Mirror
Raffle Sponsor -Grill & Smoker
Pro Shop Sponsor Sold
Entrance Walk Sponsor 1 Sold
Entrance Walk Sponsor 2 Sold
Entrance Walk Sponsor 3 Sold
Entrance Walk Sponsor 4 Sold
Trophy LD Sponsor Sold
Tennis Refreshment Sold

$1,800 - Ace Level

Golf Not Included: Includes 1 Tennis Player
Beverage Sponsor / BBQ Sold
Beverage Sponsor/ Reg Sold
Beverage Sponsor/ Tennis Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 1/8 Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 2/8 Sold

Tennis Nets Sponsor 3/8 Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 4/8 Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 5/8 Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 6/8 Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 7/8 Sold
Tennis Nets Sponsor 8/8 Sold
Bag Drop Sponsor Sold
Tennis Trophies Sponsor Sold

Putting Contest Trophy Sold
Table on the Terrace Sponsor

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August 9, 2021