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Tikvah and David Azman
Esther and Phil Goldfeder
Penina and David Klein
Rivky and Moshe Majeski
Elisheva and Avishai Neuman
Bracha and Chaim Schulhof
Cirri and Ushi Shafran
Yona and Yaakov Spinner
Reena and Shalom Vegh
Beth and Sruli Weinstein
Yonina and Dovi Wisnicki

The Community Speaks


"Thank you for joining us and for a wonderful presentation. It was well received and will B'Ezras Hashem foster continued conversation and a higher level of focus and attention to mental health "flags". A special thanks for the booklet that you prepared. It is an important resource! Tizku l’mitzvos!!!"

Rabbi Zev Davidowitz
Menahel Mechina, Yeshiva of South Shore

"The best part of the student workshops is that they open the doors for kids to come and ask questions."

Dr Steven Levey
Director of Counseling, HANC

"I want to thank you for a great presentation today. Mrs. W. did a phenomenal job presenting. She was clear and easy to follow. I look forward to working with you in the future!"

Mrs. Chana Schwartz
Judaic Studies Coordinator & Director of Student Activities, Shulamith Middle School


“It was a very much needed refresher of the skills we had learned. Rena and Rivki were great as usual. It was also helpful to see the other group members. it was a chizuk and a reminder that we are all in this parenting challenge together.

“I realized last night how much I actually do “right” with my kids, thanks to both Rivki and Rena. I would personally love to continue learning. I would love to participate in “the next level” of parenting. Or at least to have these kinds of meetings more often.”

“Thank You Madraigos, and Rena and Rivki individually, for giving me back my relationships with my son, and with all of my children. We will forever be grateful to you.” – Excerpts from a speech by a grateful parent at a Parenting Community Event.

“Everyone, educators, rabbis, teachers, and mental health professionals, say that the most important thing for parents, especially when faced with challenges, is to create and maintain a good relationship with your children. But until we began participating in the parenting group, we didn’t know how to do that in practice.”


" Ignight For Girls is a safe zone where I can feel free."

"Mindi, I just wanted you to know I was thinking that because of you I learned to love Judaism and believe in Hashem and I really want to thank you!!!"

"The Lounge is like my second home."

Network for a Cause
On August 31, 2020